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Etchells Jaguar Series


21. März 2012

Etchells Jaguar Series

Report from Moose Mc Clintock, DP USA

62 Etchells attended the 4 regatta Jaguar Series sailed on Biscayne Bay in Miami. The series is a popular destination given the optimal mid-winter sailing conditions and the format, one regatta each in early December (Piana Cup), early January (Sid Doren Memorial) and early February (Florida States), capped off by the Midwinters East at the end of February. For the overall series title, each boat scores its’ two best placings from the first three regattas, and the Mid-winters cannot be dropped so the competition for the overall championship, along with the individual regattas, hinges on a strong performance over a wide variety of conditions. The series saw the full range of wind, with planing breeze in the first regatta, light air canceling a day in the 2nd regatta and a combination of both heavy and moderate air in the 3rd. The Midwinters saw the full range of wind as well over the three days of sailing so the ability to be fast in a varied range of conditions is paramount.

George Andreadis, with professional Tony Rey running his program, won the Midwinters on a tie breaker from local Tom Lihan. This win catapulted Andreadis to the overall Jaguar title, with Lihan again 2nd. George’s boat was equipped with DIMENSION-POLYANT fore and aft sails, his jibs being 270B HTP® and 300SF HTP® and his main using 240AP HTP®. Lihan had a full DP inventory with 240AP HTP® and 265S HTP® in his main and jibs of 280AP HTP® and 320AP HTP®. The HTP® styles have long been a standard in keelboat classes such as the Etchells due to their strength and longevity. The ability to be minimum weight for the class rules while holding the designed shape separates DP’s performance polyester from all others.

Lihan’s reaching and running spinnakers were built from Formulon 50. This unique double coated ripstop nylon was very efficient in the up and down breeze and chop of Biscayne Bay, holding it’s designed shape in the heavy air runs while lifting perfectly in the lightest of wind. Using his downwind speed in the last race, Lihan came back from 12th at the first mark to place 2nd in the race, just one point short of being able to claim the Midwinter title.