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DIMENSION-POLYANT at RYA Volvo Dinghy Show 2012 – London


March 20th, 2012

DIMENSION-POLYANT at RYA Volvo Dinghy Show 2012 – London

A spectacular event set in the spectacular surroundings of Alexandra Palace saw a magnificent display of dinghies, small day boats. The annual dinghy show, an annual pre-season highlight for many sailors, is unique in the way both class associations exhibit alongside boat builders both large and small. The enthusiasm of the class associations is infectious, they have one aim which is to get more people sailing with them.

Not only is the exhibition about the boats themselves, it’s a great showroom for sailmakers and other suppliers to show their wares. This year DIMENSIONPOLYANT sailcloth was present in nearly all classes ranging from the state of the art International moth to the beautifully varnished wooden Redwing.

Wandering around the show cloth from the whole DIMENSION-POLYANT range could be seen. ODL (Technora One Design Laminate) was probably the widest used on the race boats and this year saw D4® MP at the show for the first time from three different sailmakers and on four different dinghies. By far the most eye catching sails were those made from PE10 Injection on F18 stand by Performance sails, in conjunction with Grant Piggot. Injection is a process where colour pigment is injected in a random pattern into the adhesive within the laminate so no two sails are alike.

There were too many sails to mention all but here is a selection. International Moth – D4® MP Black Aramid (Hyde Sails)

International 14 – D4 MP Black and Gold Aramid Blend (Dynamic Sails)

Merlin Rocket – D4 MP Black Aramid (P&B)

Solo – D4 MP Black Aramid (P&B)

Redwing – Custom colour coated 240 AP MTO
(Ullman Sails)

505 – OD05-X Custom Technora Cross Cut Laminate (P&B)