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24. July 2015


Nice feedback below from a happy customer who just finished the Transatlantic Race.  The boat is a J-42, sails by Doyle.

 “Hi Chris,

7.45 knot average over 3224 miles. Seven hours separated place 6 through 8 in our class. I had a couple of nervous crew and could not race the boat as hard as I wanted during the heavy weather and wind. We hove to for seven hours during a full north Atlantic gale which cost us dearly. I did not have the heart to freak the guys out too much.

All that being said, the boat was under tremendous pressure in 30 - 50 knot winds routinely. If you read the blogs from the boats, sails were blowing up daily. Our DP line up was simply bombproof!! I can't say enough about the durability and shape/form of the #2 and #4 under wraps. The BX20 was the perfect fabric for the kind of abuse we subjected these two sails to.

The BX25 Main was brilliant. Having the 2nd reef extra deep paid big dividends as we ran this for days. Sometimes under main with two reefs alone. I highly recommend this configuration for a two reef main as the first reef is a racing reef, where shape and performance to weather is key. The second reef is  a "holy shit" reef where you are really no longer racing, but trying not to wipe out the boat in a sea way. Two reefs with the #4 winged out produced low double digit boat speeds in 25-35 knots, surfing into the mid teens.

As a matter of durability, we tore up (crush tear) the main using a cunningham to pull in the second reef tack cringle, really stupid. We put a 6" tear, 3" in from the luff. The tear did not elongate and we did put some tape on it. Tough stuff!!

Please share these comments with the DP guys as we could not have been happier with the cloth. Also key in Robbie. I think I will go even smaller with my next "rating genoa". Maybe a 120 with a little higher clew. The boat ships water into the foot of the number 2 when close hauled. You get huge rating benefit for a smaller headsail.

I am shipping the boat back to Newport and will be looking to do Newport Bermuda double handed next year. Maybe with you!!! Keep working out!!

Cheers  Steve Berlack”